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Important Things to Know About Credit Cards

Credit cards offer great benefits, especially the ability to buy now and pay later. But you need to make sure to keep your level of debt manageable. If you don't, the costs in terms of fees and interest could be significant.

Don't choose a credit card just to get freebies or because there is no annual fee. Find a card that is best for your borrowing habits. If you expect to carry a balance on your card from month to month, which means you'll be charged interest, its more important to find a card with a low interest rate.

If possible, pay your bill in full each month. Understand that paying only the minimum due each month means that you will be paying a lot of interest for many years.

Pay on time! You'll avoid a late fee of $35 or more. Paying late will also impact your credit score.

Lastly, protect your credit card number. Never give out your credit card information to a telephone caller, an email or other communication. Use your credit card carefully on the internet. Ask your credit card company about "zero-liability" for unauthorized use of the card.






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