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Emergency Management Plan








This plan has been developed with the cooperation and support of management and staff. The [blank] County Emergency Management Agency has reviewed this plan.


Anytime an unforeseen emergency situation impacts [company], this plan is to be activated. It is the responsibility of the fire safety team, the safety committee, supervisors and any contact person to carry out the steps outlined within this plan. In the event that an emergency situation occurs which has not been identified in this plan, good judgement shall be utilized when responding to the situation.


[Company], is dedicated to providing for the needs of all employees, vendors and customers during times of emergency. This plan has been written as a major effort to provide for the safety and welfare of everyone on company premises.


It is the responsibility of all employees to be familiar with the plan and to know how to implement it during times of emergency conditions. Designated employees of the Company will review these procedures periodically to insure effective reaction to an emergency incident.


Safety personnel shall be responsible for implementing procedures and ensuring that all employees have the necessary knowledge and training to carry out all aspects of this plan.


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