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Emergency Management Plan







Press Relations


Procedures for anyone in the Company:

Any questions by the press or community members regarding an emergency situation are to be addressed in the following manner:

Explain that the Company policy does not permit employees to provide or offer information on emergency situations. Statements to the press and public will be made only by the President, Vice President or a Company-designated spokesperson AFTER the situation is fully evaluated.

Avoid using the term "no comment", as it often gives the impression of a cover-up. It is better to make some statement, even if it is: "At this time, we don't know enough about the situation to answer questions."


Procedures for the Media Relations Person:

Upon notification of an accident, the media relations person shall meet with the incident commander. The media relations person will bring to this meeting a press release form. The completion of this form will provide the spokesperson with enough information for the initial press release.

Important Ideas to remember:

If you have the facts at hand, tell them as much as you can. Stick to the facts. If you don't have all the facts, say so, and tell them when you will get back to them. Each press interview should be viewed as an opportunity to get your story out. Remember that your job is alien to them. Your job is to educate them so that your message is delivered properly. The story will be written with or without your input. Do not give names of injured. And always tell the truth.


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