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Using The Internet To Grow Your Insurance Business

Insurance agents are always asking me how do I get new customers using the internet? Social networking? SEO? Internet Leads? Ad campaigns? I've used all of these with varing levels of success.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO has been my greatest success. One of the most common ways that people these days look for insurance is using a search engine. There are millions of different search terms that prospects could use. Just think about all the different types of insurance. Then add in that they may include in the their search a town name or state or zip code. To improve your position in the search results here are a few suggestions:

Internet leads have been our second greatest form of online business. While the cost can run high, the great thing about insurance leads is that you are receiving information on people that are currently looking for new insurance.

Social Networking such as Facebook and LinkedIn can be a great starting point for an insurance agent because they are simple to setup and there is no cost involved. By creating a facebook and linkedin page its an easy way to connect with other business associates, family and friends. Using the social networking sites can generate referrals as you grow your network.

Ad campaigns are a lot like search engine optimization, you'll want to target specific keywords and phrases that prospects would search. The most common place to start an online ad campaign is Google's Adwords. The way Adwords works is that you bid on keywords and phrases. You set the amount that you are willing to pay when someone clicks a sponsored result in the google search.

For more information on Adwords here's some light reading: Ultimate Guide to Google Ad Words



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