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Psychological Emergencies


A behavioral emergency exists when a person exhibits abnormal behavior - that is, behavior within a given situation that is unacceptable or intolerable to the employee.

There are many medical and traumatic conditions that are likely to alter an employee's behavior. These problems include low blood sugar, lack of oxygen, inadequate blood to the brain, head trauma, mind altering substances, excessive cold and extreme heat.

When dealing with an employee who appears to be having a behavioral emergency, always consider the possibility that their unusual behavior is caused by something other than a psychological problem.

Signs of an Aggressive or Hostile Person:

  • Responds to people inappropriately.
  • Tries to hurt themselves or others.
  • May have a rapid pulse and breathing.
  • Usually displays rapid speech and rapid movements.
  • May appear anxious, nervous and panicky.

If any of these signs are displayed from a fellow employee, notify a supervisor and call 911 immediately.

Safety Note

When a person acts as if he may hurt himself or others, your first concern must be your own safety.

  • Do not isolate yourself from other employees. Make certain that you have an escape route.
  • Do not take any action that my be considered threatening by the employee.
  • Always be on the watch for weapons. The workplace is full of them.
  • Be alert for sudden changes.

Guidelines for dealing with a person who is experiencing a behavioral emergency:

  • Identify yourself. Speak slowly and clearly.
  • Listen to the employee.
  • Do not be judgmental. Show compassion.
  • Do not enter the employee's personal space.
  • Be alert for sudden changes.

Remember: Keep the person calm, professional help is on the way.


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