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Safety In Your Home

More than 120,000 children every year suffer from poisoning by household cleaning products. Many cleaning products contain chemicals that are harmful or deadly to kids and pets.

For expert advice on replacing your cleaning products in your home contact our National Adviser:

Stephanie Pennesi

Phone: 610-304-3204

Stephanie can review the cleaning products you are currently using over the phone and save you money with products that don't have the harmful chemicals and work just as well. Plus the replacement products are shipped direct to your home so its less grocery shopping every month.

Even if you are careful with keeping your cleaning products out of reach from kids and pets, consider this - Your skin is your body's largest organ. It absorbs many of the chemicals that it comes in contact with. Do you want your bathtub, kitchen countertop, even your kitchen table covered in harmful chemicals?

Why would you continue to use dangerous cleaners in your house when there are cheaper, safer alternatives that are all made in the United States.

Call Stephanie today - 610-304-3204







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